In Paris together with association Connection Karma we give free classes for members of associations and classes open to all for donation.


Mysore class:
Mysore class is the most traditional way to practice ashtanga yoga, as it was taught by Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois. Each student is practicing at his own rhythm, starting from the sun salutation (surya namaskara), and gradually adding asana one by one. The teacher is monitoring all students and helping them when needed. This method allows the student to develop a more personal practice and strengthen the concentration.


Led class:
Students are following the counts and instructions of the teacher through the first series of ashtanga yoga, up to the asana they can perform. Led class helps the students remembering the sequence and working on equalizing their breathing.



Private class for adults or children:
Individual class is the perfect solution for those who do not want to join group class for any reason (anxiety to practice in public, difficulties to focus, health issues, incompatible schedule…), or those in need of teacher’s full attention to improve their practice. It is also a good way for kids, for whom it is more difficult to stay focused with others.



Small group class at home or office
Small group class is convenient to practice with some friends at home, or between colleagues at the office to help release stress and soften working relationship.


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